Women Co-Ord sets

  • $109.99

    This versatile pair is made of thick luxurious crepe fabric with a handmade satin and organza fabric insert. The skirt is flattering with the perfect flare and length for every body type. The crop top has the perfect length and beautiful details.

    Colors: Nude, burgundy, black, white, purple, blue

  • $104.99

    Cut from a luxe crepe fabric and hand made satin and organza fabric, ‘efya’ features a high waist straight pant with a high waist and perfect fit to enphasise the waist and elongate the legs. Also a cold shulder flare top with detachable band giving it versatility.

    Colors: yellow, Green, Nude, burgundy, black, white, purple, blue.

  • $249.99

    The pair is cut from a luxurious crepe fabric which includes a perfectly tailored high waist flare pants with hand stitched embroidery on the side. This pant is super flattering and gives the legs an elongated look. The jacket is ultra sophisticated is fully lined and spots a tailored shape and nipped waist which helps to emphasize curves and show off the waist to hip ratio to give an hourglass effect. This pair gives you a polished put together look.


    Colors: yellow, Green, Nude, burgundy, black, white, purple, blue.

  • $99.99

    This pair is the definition of comfortable and chic, made withe fine satin crepe, The cullote is high waisted for a clinched waist while the tip and sleeve is flare for that free, versatile summer vibe.


    Colors: brown, yellow, Green, black,, purple, blue.


  • $249.99

    ‘tabia’ is cut from a luxurious silk satin fabric, this pair is well tailored for a perfect silhouette. The jacket has contrasting length, long sleeves and is fully lined, while the tailored pencil trouser has a pleated detail all the way down and a slit on the ankle. This pair is for our sophisticated boss babes.

  • $89.99

    Cut put from our luxe satin fabric, ‘thanie’ is your perfect beach or summer pair. From the high waisted flare trousers to the cold shoulder casual and chic top with a detachable band.


    Colors:orange, yellow, Green, Nude, burgundy, black, white, purple, blue.