Est. 2016

The Brand

MxDonna is a Nigerian sustainable and contemporary ready-to-wear brand established in Cotonou in April 2016. The brand mostly tells the same stories with new collections in different compositions and schemes with the goals of serving a multitude of clientele in Africa and around the globe. Our designs are always African-inspired with an Urban bond.

MxDonna started as a women’s wear brand for four years and has expanded to
include accessories like shoes and totes sending out the sustainability and Eco-fashion message knowing the brand is all about the slow fashion movement. The brand also ventured into unisex and men’s wear to broaden our services to all kinds of clientele while creating awareness about sustainability in fashion especially in Africa.

MxDonna is the energy and spirit of Africa; International, Urban, real, eclectic, and fun. MxDonna addresses the real-life needs of men and women in different age groups, from work to weekend to evening. all designs are comfortable, fashionable, and friendly and constantly deliver their unique mix of styles around the world.

MxDonna birthed the hash-tag movement on social media #slowfashiongang
because the brand is all about the movement of sustainability in fashion. Strongly inspired by its African heritage, the brand represents luxury with a high level of aesthetics including creation and craftsmanship, simple intelligent pieces accessible to many but unique and different for each person and all our fabrics are locally and ethically sourced.

Our atelier majorly consists of highly-trained craftswomen trained to provide
perfectly finished clothing to our client’s satisfaction while thriving to empower women and create a system of sustainable fashion.

Slow Fashion

The Designer

Born in Lagos, Nigeria in the early 90s and a graduate of International Relations, Cynthia M. Orji always had an affection and enthusiasm for fashion at a very young age. From cutting her mum’s African wrappers {Hollandis} and hand stitching them into outfits for her numerous dolls to hand stitching skirts
and other garments for fun in high school. With 5 years of experience in the fashion industry from interning for Wana Sambo as her personal assistance to assisting ad styling fashion shows like the ECOWAS fashion week lead to the birth of her brand MxDonna.

Her inspiration is drawn from everything African and Vintage, designing clothes full of expression, the sensuality of a woman, and freedom of movement. Translating the roots and tradition of her motherland into an Urban-contemporary fashion statement.



Experience In the fashion business.